His Holiness  Dr. Sri Ganapathy Sachchidananda Swamiji is the pontiff of Avadhoota Datta Peetham in Mysore, India. Sri Swamiji is renowned for His Meditation and Healing music and He is considered by His followers to be a divine guide who promotes the ancient Vedic traditions.

Sri Swamiji was born on 26 May 1942 in Mekedatu, a small village near Bangalore, India. He was initiated into spiritual life during his childhood by his mother, Mata Jayalakshmi. Even as a young boy, Sri Swamiji displayed extraordinary insights into the phenomenon of life and the supreme knowledge about the causation of existence and the purpose of human life.

Sri Swamiji believes and propagates the message of universal love and wellbeing without discrimination. His teachings are not confined to any particular doctrine or faith; instead, they are universal and relevant to day-to-day life. He advocates comprehensive synthesis of all paths and stresses the values of sacrifice and service towards the upliftment of humankind.

He adapted music as a medium of communication and His meditation and healing concerts are world-renowned. The mystic nature of His music is such that it is not aimed at the creation of harmony of musical notes but at the harmony of the human mind, body, and soul.

Additionally, Sri Swamiji has founded a wide variety of institutional networks throughout India to help humanity. Several social welfare programs such as medical dispensaries, hospitals, schools, homes for the destitute elderly and other developmental programs particularly for the disadvantaged sections of society are being run under His leadership. Sri Swamiji also holds nine Guinness world records for His efforts towards spreading global peace.

As an avid environmental enthusiast, Sri Swamiji built the Shuka Vana aviary in Mysore, India, a conservation and rehabilitation center for rare species of birds. He also established the state-of-the-art Kishkinda Moolika bonsai garden, which houses a wide variety of unique bonsai plants, in Mysore as well.


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